Frequently asked questions

In general: it is open to everyone who:
• feels more than comfortable with FileMaker Development and
• is willing to share thoughts, techniques, file etc. (even jokes are accepted ;o)

But please bear in mind that attendees are highly skilled developers who met and talk about all things FileMaker on a personal base because they trust each other! … and don't want to start at the primordial soup to explain things…

Please click the "CLICK HERE TO REGISTER"-button at the Home page or the "Register" in the "Account" menü. Then provide the required data (and please use a meaningful Username) and after your registration is approved you get an Email with the details to log in.

After you have logged in you can edit your account data or post a session.

A full list of confirmed Attendees will be shown as soon as this list is public!

If you have nothing to tell because you are not willing to tell: Then maybe that's not the right place for you!

Attendees are here because they SHARE and therefore get something back from the others. Not sharing is against the spirit of this event!

If you have nothing to tell because you feel frightening standing in front of a silent audience: Don't worry!

Each year we're experimenting with different ways to solve a problem… well, not a FileMaker one… WHO pays the bills of this event, e.g. for the rooms, the Internet etc.!? After long discussions we want to try out the "ordinary" way and issue tickets attendees can buy. This would also solve an other problem: creating all the advertisements with 50+ different logos no one see's at the end.

And because 42 ("Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything") isn't an answer this time we based our calculation on 333,33 EUR net/per Attendee.

Due to the nature of this years event, supporting it will be done by buying a ticket (if still available).

A too large amount of time was spend in previous years to create all the banners and this shall be skipped this year again.

Not yet! ;o)

Adding topics/sessions/talks and scheduling them will be available End of February. THEN you just click on any spot in the Schedule, double-click and add your part.

A question that is not answered?

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