2 - 4 June 2022, 09:00 - 18:00
Welcome to 2022

"The only thing that is certain, is that nothing is certain. And not even that is certain." (Joachim Ringelnatz, German poet)

Who would have thought at the beginning of… yeah, 2020… TWO years ago that a steady stream of life becomes such a troubled water and this nasty "Pain In The Lung" is still sticking around!?

Utilising the glorious "Always look on the bright side of life" we accepted the challenge in 2020 and jumped into cold water again in 2021 by going fully digital with something which lives from meeting face to face (okay, and Beer & Sausages).

It is safe to say that some of the really good outcome could be preserved for longer than the event. Proof? See here

But even with some more lessons learned and brought to life in 2021 the loss of energy AND money but especially the tiredness of "Let's meet online" lead to the decision to go back to good ol' analog meetings. That way the beers tastes better!

This years financial risk is higher than ever before! But I see and hear the importance to meet in real life in most if not all conversations. Thank whomever is responsible for there is now a way to go back and a help which prevents from at least the hard progress of an infection (aka vaccination). And even if not all regulations have the same level of sense they provide some rails through the current tunnel.

At the moment of writing meeting in groups of people who have their 3rd shot is not limited, at least not in our range. So, please make sure you had your 3rd shot prior to attending.

The variety and challenge of opinions and their positive outcome at dotfmp was always an essential part! Unfortunately people who believe in conspiracy will not add to that outcome!

I therefore reserve the right to expel anyone with such a mindset at anytime!

Being vaccinated 3 times is mandatory!

If you have any question please add it in the FAQ section. If you have any idea or request (or even found a bug) please drop us a note in the CONTACT section.